Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful in November: Day 15 to 18

Day 15: Chocolate covered pretzels for our friends, teachers and neighbors - delicious and so simple! Dipping the ends of pretzel rods is so much easier than dipping entire pretzels and I think they are just as pretty. I bought white, yellow and orange chocolate pieces and fall themed sprinkles and the end result was so pretty!

Day 16: Dylan's footprint turkey. I painted the boys hands to turn into turkeys too, but I haven't been able to convince them to decorate them yet. Guess that's for another day!

Day 17: Sorting people vs. food cutting and gluing activity from Mama's Monkeys. I can't believe how much better the boys are at cutting since they started preschool this year.

Day 18: Delivering the Thanksgiving bags that our church collected and distributing them to families in need (not pictured)


Unknown said...

I just found your blog thru Pinterest. I just LOVE LOVE all of your learning and teaching ideas ! I am raining my nieces little boy we have had him since 3 days old. He just turned 1 on Christmas this past year. I have not had a little one in 23 years so its like being a first time mommy all over again. I been looking for things to help him learn and your blog is wonderful for that !! Thanks so much for sharing and CONGRADULATIONS ON BABY #4 !!