Saturday, June 8, 2013

FIAR - Owl Moon

Five in a Row - Owl Moon
June 3 - 7, 2013
O and E: 4.5 years old

This was hands down one of my favorite weeks yet! Between Pinterest, the manual, blogs and Teachers Pay Teachers, there are TONS of owl activities to keep learning fun and interesting. We couldn't even get to everything that I wanted to do, but it was a full week!

In addition to Owl Moon, these were in our book basket this week:

We did a lot this week with similes. These first few pages are from The Peanut Gallery and were adorable. I made up the I AM page and was so proud of their hard work writing and creating and reading. Their answers totally captured their personalities and interests. We made an OW Sentence book and an Owl Bag book. For that, we made a list of five owl facts and I wrote them on paper. The boys chose which four they wanted to write and then drew a picture to go with each sentence. They decorated the front to look like an Owl and were so proud of their finished products! We took a first look at nouns this week. They categorized them into Who, What, Where and When based on an activity I found online, but I think next time I would cut out the When category since it's not really a noun. I wrote the words on little Owls and they had to read them and put them in the right category. Not bad for their first time. We also did a "I'm wise as an Owl page."

I made a quick Owl Patterning page and started the first four patterns for them to finish. Since they are getting so good at this I left the last line blank for them to create their own pattern. Great job boys! We started a Roll and Color Owl page but didn't get around to finishing the game so I didn't take a picture : )

We made a graphic organizer for Owls using the Are, Have, Can approach. They came up with a lot more answers than they had room to write ; ) We talked about nocturnal animals, who is nocturnal and what features they have that make them suited for nighttime activity.

I found so many adorable owl art activities and didn't end up doing any of them! In the end, it was more important to work in spelling, writing and reading than painting, so I had to let go of all my grand plans for handprints and paper plates ; ) We did make owl masks and had a super cute owl lunch though.

We're taking a FIAR break next week to do Pete the Cat - the boys are so excited!