Saturday, June 1, 2013

FIAR - Harold and the Purple Crayon

Five in a Row - Harold and His Purple Crayon
May 27 - 31, 2013
O and E: 4.5 years old

We took a little break from FIAR while the boys finished up their school year in PreK 4, but now that they're home all week we're back in full swing! Harold was a great book to start back with because there is such an element of creativity and imagination. Here was our week:

The boys completed the How and Why word pages in their Sight Words workbooks. Their spelling words this week were based on the word Crayon (play, bay, day, gray, pray, stay, sway, today, okay...) and Boy (Boy, joy, toy, ahoy). We practiced writing them in purple shaving cream on the table, which they loved! I wrote a (fairly long!) sentence on the wipe board that they had to read and then copy into their writing notebooks - The ship in the bay will sway today and the boy will say Ahoy!

I found a Shades of Purple page on Pinterest that we tried but all of our colors ended up like a black/brown/blood color. Weird! Maybe our food coloring is just too dark?! We also did a color experiment using colored water and paper towels. The blue and red water travelled up the paper towels and when it mixed together in the middle glass it turned purple. The middle glass started empty, so it was really cool to watch it fill up and change colors. They wrote 'Will red and blue make purple?' in the writing notebooks when we started the experiment and then went back to write Yes!

We made a Shades of Purple quilt using all the purple crayons and markers we could find. Then we ordered them from lightest to darkest, which the boys then wanted to do with the whole rainbow of colors! I unrolled a large piece of paper and they drew the story in order. I couldn't believe how well they remembered every detail! We read Harold's Circus this week too, which they also wanted to draw. Little kid artwork might be my favorite thing of all time. If you haven't read that book, we thought it was just as great as Harold and the Purple Crayon. I found Crayola books in the Dollar Spot at Target called Squiggles and Giggles. It was perfect for this week! They turned lines and I turned splotches into other pictures - for $1, it was a great find!! What week on purple would be complete without making a Purple Berry Pie? Delicious!

We put the Harold story disc on Dallas because of the city that he drew and because that's the closest city to us. Why not!

Owl Moon is next week. I can't wait - there are so many possibilities for learning with an owl theme!