Saturday, April 6, 2013

FIAR - The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Five in a Row - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
April 1-5, 2013
O and E: 4.5 years old

** Because this blog is just my personal way of keeping track of our activities so I can do them again with younger siblings I am not going to link to everything that I used. If you'd like the link to anything specific, just let me know!**

That said, here's a link to my Pinterest board for lots of my inspirations for the week

This was our first row and it went great! The boys are still in preschool two days a week so it was a bit of a challenge to fit in everything that I wanted to do, but we managed to do just about everything and have a fun time doing it! I found so many great ideas on Pinterest and other blogs of families who row that the possibilities were almost endless. Here's what we came up with...

Locating England on the world map, coloring Union Jack flags and talking about rules and why we have them. Just like Peter's mom told him to stay out of Mr. McGregor's garden so he wouldn't be put in a pie like his father, we have rules to protect us and keep everything/everyone functioning like it should.

I can't believe all the science we built into this week! We started with the celery experiment and the boys wrote their conclusions in their journals. We did a graphic organizer for rabbits and plants, labeled the parts of a plant, read A Green, Green Garden by Mercer Meyer, planted our own basil and cilantro plants ($1 Spot at Target!) and wrote the steps to planting seeds.

The copy work came from the first sentence in the book from the Peter Rabbit lapbook on HSS. We used -UN as the word family this week for spelling words (run, fun, bun, spun, sun, funny, bunny, runny, sunny, stun, etc) and worked together to come up with a list of vegetables that Peter could have eaten in the garden. Then they chose five of them to write and draw on their paper. After reading this story five times I started to notice how many adjectives were in the story (brass buttons, white cat, old Mrs. Rabbit, brown bread, young cabbages, etc) so I wrote up a quick list of the adjectives and nouns to match as they listened to the story. [There were a few worksheets that I had to create on my own from ideas I saw online, but this is one of the only activities that I made up this week.]

Carrot patterning (I colored the first four carrots and they had to finish the pattern (AABB, ABAB, ABCABC, ABBA)), planning a new garden for Mr. McGregor using Unifex cubes and some parameters on spacing and addition using carrots. We played with these a couple different ways: matching up the tops and bottoms while looking at all the pieces together, giving each boy six green tops and putting out one carrot at a time. They had to figure out the answer and see if they had it in their hand. Then we played the reverse - they had the equations and I would put out an answer and they had to see which equation matched the answer. They got pretty fast by the end! 

We talked about the Fruit of the Spirit and the Parable of the Seeds this week - how it's important to have strong roots of faith in Jesus so you aren't blown over by the things of this world.

I printed off some Peter Rabbit coloring pages and let the boys find that image in the story to watercolor. They really did a great job matching the colors! We also made carrot muffins this week which have already disappeared - just substitute carrots for zucchini in your favorite recipe. Just as good if not better!

If you have any questions on where I found any of these resources just leave me a comment! We are rowing Make Way for Ducklings next week - should be fun!