Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful in November: Day 11 to 14

Day 11: Kool-aid coloring pages! We used a cornucopia coloring page and outlined it with glue, then sprinkled different colors of kool-aid over the different fruits. They smelled so good!

Day 12: Color by number cornucopias from She has a ton of great printables (many of which we'll be doing in the coming days). We turned it into a dice game and they colored in the items that matched the number they rolled. They aren't great at staying in the lines, but at least they are getting better at staying on task the whole time.

Day 13:  Follow the directions Thanksgiving coloring page. It was a 'find the circle with the pilgrim hat and color it green' kind of game and they seemed to like it. We had to change it up a little towards the end and only do outlines (it took almost an hour to do this game!) but we made it to the end!

Day 14: We made treat bags for their preschool friends (found the idea on Pinterest). They are filled with bugles and Runts and look like tiny cornucopias!

Almost halfway through the month and it's been great so far! Lots more to come : )