Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful in November: Day 7 to 10

Day 7: Scarecrow dice game (not pictured). 1+1+1=1 has a great Fall Tot Pack with tons of cute scarecrow and leaf activities. We had already done many of her coloring games a couple days ago so we tried out the dice-and-graphing game and they loved it.

Day 8: Paint StripTurkeys (idea from here)! How cute are these little guys?! I was at Walmart and grabbed a selection of paint strips for the boys to choose from, rounded the tops, cut out a beak and a gobble and let them go to work creating their turkey heads. After that part was finished we asked them what they are thankful for and wrote each person/thing on a strip and drew a little picture to go along with it. It's held together with a brad and a bent in half pipecleaner is the legs. These might be my favorite craft so far : )

Day 9: Number puzzles. These are from here, here and here. I cut all the strips out and mixed them up, then the boys had to find their pieces and put them in the right order. I helped with the glue, but the big boys did the rest and I helped Garrett to finish.

Day 10: Filling Thanksgiving bags for families at our church (not pictured). We wrote a little note and filled the bags with all the goodies needed for a yummy Thanksgiving meal!

The fun continues!