Monday, May 7, 2012

Tot School - Yy

Tot School - Yy is for You and Yo-Yo
Owen and Eli: 44 months old
We started this week tracing all three boys on butcher paper so they could draw 'you.' We tried to match their pictures to their clothes, and Owen even drew the monkey that was on his pj's!
Color by number, Get Ready for Reading, and Handwriting Worksheets...

Our paper plate craft this week was making yo-yos with yarn, paper plates and paint. They turned out pretty cute!
PS - I didn't take a picture of our library books this week, but I got a few on the sense of taste and we talked a lot about yummy and yucky foods. We also went to a preschool yoga class and did lots of yoga moves all week.

One letter left! Next week is Zz for Zebra and then we're going to review the ABCs and do some themed activities (zoo animals, etc) until the baby comes! Less than 4 weeks to go!


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