Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tot School - Xx

Tot School - X is for X-Ray and foX
Owen and Eli: 43 months old
Fox books on our shelf from the library this week...
Our handprint craft this week was really easy and turned out really cute! The snack this week was a bust - for some reason my white chocolate wouldn't melt, it just kind of turned into a messy clump. The had fun assembling the pretzel sticks and mini marshmellows though. The finished snack should look like this.
Our printables this week are all from, A Heart for Home and We only had three days this week for school because we took off for Sea World for our last weekend trip before the baby comes. We kept it a surprise until we pulled into the parking lot - the boys were SO excited!
Linking up to Tot School. Next week - Yy!


Becca B. {Ironic Adventures} said...

love the hand x-ray idea and the snack too! Very fun!