Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tot School - Rr

Tot School - Letter Rr is for Robots, Rockets and Rainbows!
Owen and Eli: 42 months old
We have officially made it farther in the alphabet than ever before! Eight more letter to go and only eleven weeks until my due date - hopefully we can finish with time to spare!

Here's what was On Our Shelf this week - I love how so many of the books with rockets also had robots as part of the storyline. 
Robots was the perfect little boy theme for this week. They loved talking about all the buttons and things that robots can do. I couldn't find a good robot paper plate craft, so I made this one up! We had some friends over this week who made robots with us, and who played the Roll-a-Robot game from Homeschool Creations.

These next two activities are from here, one of my new favorite idea blogs. The first is a number recognition/counting game and the dominos become the buttons on the robots's bellies, and the second is a graham cracker snack decorated with peanut butter and M&Ms. As you can see, they couldn't wait for me to finish taking the picture so they could eat it!
The Letter Maze from here continues to be a big hit with the boys, but Owen has been panicking when he draws over a letter that he shouldn't (hence the yellow marks all over his paper where he tried to 'erase' the green line. Any advice on helping him understand that it's not a big deal?) I made a felt Roll-a-Rocket game similar to this one that we played over and over this week. Good thing we're doing S is for Space next week - I have a feeling they are going to ask to play this one again!
I used the do-a-dot page from Making Learning Fun and turned it into a dice game. They would roll the rainbow die and stamp that color on their rainbow. First to fill their rainbow won! The second paper plate craft this week involved them cutting foam paper into tiny mosaic sized pieces one color at a time. Once they had a sufficient pile I would add an arc of glue to the 1/2 paper plate and they would put on the pieces. They pulled the cotton balls apart at the end to make the clouds. It was pretty time intensive, but I love how they turned out!
The Alphabet Tracing Page is from here and the road activity is from our Alex 1-2-3 School box. I was so proud of them for this one - it was the first time I gave them an object to cut out and they did great! They figured out how they wanted the road to look and taped it together too. Their only complaint was having too many car stickers that they wouldn't all fit on the road!

Onto Ss next week for Space and Seasons! Slowly but surely we're getting to the end! Click here to see what others did this week in Tot School.


Heather @ Camp Slop said...

I love the robot crafts! So cute! I'm going to pin this for when we get to the letter R! Thanks for sharing!

Stefanie said...

Such fun activities!!

Popping in from Tot School.