Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tot School - Ss

Tot School: Ss is for Spiders, Sunflowers and Snails!
Owen and Eli: 42 months old
Lots of crafts this week, with lots of great Ss themed words. continues to have great printables for their skill level and has a great expanded Spiders pack to download. We used the spinner game, the prewriting pages and the numbers 11-20 puzzle this week.
I thought it would be fun to incorporate a lacing activity to make a spider web. I cut the center of a paper plate out, then added 10 hole punches and randomly assigned them numbers. I purposely gave them way more yarn than they needed, so there was a lot of pulling to get the yarn all the way through, but it opened up the conversation for how God made spiders special and that they are much more equipped to spinning webs than we'll ever be!
This week was a big adjustment for me in giving the boys a lot more 'free reign' over their art wall projects. They've been very interested in cutting with scissors, so I drew them two leaves on foam paper and they cut them out for their sunflowers, they colored in the stem and they cut all the tissue paper and chose their colors for their snails. I had been telling them where certain parts go that needed to be glued, etc, but this week I just let them go for it and I love how they turned out! That'll teach me for being a control freak ; )

We gathered several small toys and played Sink or Float. I was surprised at some of the toys that sank, and the fact that even a rock, if placed inside a plastic Easter egg, will float. The original idea is from
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