Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tot School - Qq

Tot School - Letter Qq is for Quarters, Quack and Quilt!
Owen and Eli: 42 months old
Qq is always a struggle for me. I have all boys, so they aren't really interested in Queens; Quails seems like a lame topic and Quarters is still a little above their heads, I think. When I realized that they could write a Q (both tracing and freehand), knew what sound it made, and could name a few words that started with Q, I decided to let the rest go and just have fun with some extra activities. The worksheets we did this week were from here (the letter Q Get Ready for Reading page), here (the tracing page) and here (the letter maze).
Isn't it funny how one day's worksheets can look like this...
And the next day's look like this?! (Can you even see the reverse side of the page that was fully scribbled on?) Three year olds will be three year olds, I guess!
We made Q's out of playdoh too.
They really loved this game. I wrote all of the capital and lowercase letters we've learned so far on the chalkboard and put corresponding letters in a basket. One boy would choose a letter and have to tell the other what it was (a lowercase e, a capital G, etc) and the one who was told would find and paint over the correct letter with a water paintbrush. Great for taking turns, letter recognition and writing practice!
We did a lot with Quarters this week, but mostly in the examining sense. They used tweezers to pick them up and fill up a Q made from cardboard and to drop them in the slot of a bank. They also looked at them through magnifying glasses. The big fail of the week was spending an entire 'quiet time' on creating a Roll-a-Coin game for them using Quarters, Dimes, Nickels and Pennies only to have them left completely confused as to which silver coin was which. So frustrating! Playing with quarters is much more fun : )
Crafts: We water-colored with Q-Tips, made hand print Ducks for Q is for Quack, and painted our palms to make a patchwork quilt. Our playroom is so colorful these days with all this art hanging on the walls!
I think next week will be Rr is for Rockets and Robots, carrying into the next week for Ss is for Space. Should be fun! To see what others did this week, click here!


Unknown said...

Looks like you guys did a lot of fun stuff with the letter Q. I love how the duck craft turned out!