Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day, Part 2: Special Activities

        Get creative this weekend with some fun activities for the kids!

        1. Make a wreath for the front door out of construction paper shaped like over sized conversation hearts. Write cute messages on them just like the candy.
        2. Go to Joann and buy foam to make magnets, refrigerator picture frames or bookmarks. Some of their 'foam paper' is even sticky on the back, which would save all the glue troubles.
        3. Make a paper chain using white, pink and red paper listing all the people you love and things you love to do together.
        4. Throw a Valentine's Day party. Choose a meal and have the kids help decorate the kitchen with streamers and balloons. Cover the table with white paper and put out markers, stickers and crayons. If the kids are old enough, have them draw hearts or write messages to each other on the paper. Cook a special Valentine's Day meal using heart shaped cookie cutters (on their pancakes, sandwiches, french toast, etc). Eat strawberries and whipped cream, strawberry ice cream with pink sprinkles - anything you think would be festive! Give each child a small gift to let them know you think they are special and love them. They'll talk about this for a long time!
        5. Play 'Cupid Says' instead of Simon Says
        6. Buy a Terra Cotta pot to paint together with a valentine's day theme. Fill it with your kids' favorite candy and use it as a candy dish (or plant a flower and tell your kids that your love for them 'grows' like the flower grows. Cheesy, but cute!)

        Do you have any ideas to share? Happy Valentine's Day (on Sunday)!!


        Janice said...

        These are great ideas! I've been trying to think of great things to do to make V day special. One idea I got from a mom from MOPS was to have a Valentine hunt (like an easte egg hunt). Have the little ones hunt for construction paper (or even the foam you can get at Joanne's) hearts around the house. The hearts can have names of all the people that love them, Bible verses relating to love, etc. I could see my two-year-old getting really excited about this. She is learning her shapes and gets excited about hearts. Then you can end the game with a small gift.

        Anonymous said...

        Beth - fun ideas! Each year, my little ladies and I bake a fun Valentine's Day cake. This year, we did a round layer cake with pink frosting and sprinkles. My girls love to help baking and decorating, and of course, eating our creation - fun memories! ~Sue O'Connell