Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Letters

While talking to my anti-blogging sister today, she told me that she was writing Valentine's Day letters to both of her kids. This idea is originally from my cousin, who has been writing letters to each of her kids since they were born.

The basic idea is that you write them a letter containing all the things that you love most about them right now. This is not a letter about all the things you hope for them for the future, it is meant to focus on their personality traits, habits and behavior today. If you do this every year, wouldn't that be a great gift for them to look back on as they get older? It would also be an awesome gift to give when your kids start having kids of their own. Oh gosh, I'm getting carried away.

My boys are obviously still too young to understand the contents of a letter that I'll write to each of them, but they will understand it someday and I want to make sure I document what makes each of them unique and loveable before I forget.