Friday, February 19, 2010

Favorite Things Friday - Toddler Gear Edition

Toddlers are clumsy, messy little people! Here are a few items my 'favorites' in the category of Toddler Gear. What have been some of your favorite Toddler Gear items?

Dex Baby Dura-Bibs
When I first saw these bibs, the crazy loud patterns and size weren't #1 on my list. I thought we could get by on the cutesy velcro bibs from Babies R Us, and we could until the boys started pulling them off. The velco bibs were weak and the boys still aren't able to pull these bibs off. They are large enough to cover their whole belly and have a deep pocket to catch anything that they drop. I've only been able to find them in Meijer in Detroit, but I'm sure they are available in other places.

Especially for Baby Spout Cover
When the boys first started standing, all they wanted to do was stand up in the bathtub. The problem was that they spent more time falling than they did standing. They still aren't able to pull it off the spout and it's inflatable, so they don't get hurt if they fall into it. For $3.29 at Babies R Us, it's worth every penny.

Blender Baby Food
I made almost all of the boys' baby food when they were first starting on solids and this book was my bible for recipes. The recipes were super simple to follow and the book was divided into chapters for 6, 7, 8, and 9-12 months old. As the baby grows, the recipes become more diverse and chunky, which allows for an easier transition to table food. If you're at all interested in making your own food, I highly recommend this book. I took it out from the library and wrote down recipes for the month, then took it out again when the boys were ready for different foods.

Munchkin Snack Cups
There are a few things that I really love about these cups: you can attach a paci clip to the handle so the cup doesn't fall on the floor, the lids are almost impossible for kids to pull off, and even if shaken, the snack doesn't fall out. They are diswasher safe and easy for kids to pull their hands out of. The only problem is that the boys aren't quite coordinated enough to pull out one piece at a time, but it at least takes them longer to eat a snack than it would to just put it on their tray. Great for the car or on the go!

Those are a few of my favorite things... how about you?


Becky said...

Beth - do you or any of your readers have advice about gates? We need to buy at least one more and I wondered what folks recommend.