Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sponge Painting

I just came across a great art project idea for anyone with little ones who aren't coordinated enough to use a paint brush yet! The idea in Family Fun magazine is for painting an autumn tree, but this would also be really use for painting a turkey, a pumpkin, candy corn, a cornucopia, a Christmas tree, a Santa face and so much more.

Using a piece of construction paper, draw the outline of of the object to be painted (for example, draw the trunk of the tree or the outline of a pumpkin). Cut a kitchen sponge into roughly 1 inch pieces. Pour a few puddles of the appropriate colored tempera paint onto a paper/plastic plate and put a piece of sponge in each puddle (to avoid color mixing and to allow more than one child to paint at a time). Simply stamp the colors onto the construction paper to create a work of art!


Kelly said...

We did this with our kiddos a few weeks ago--they turned out great! The even added a few "falling leaves" down the paper. :)