Sunday, November 22, 2009

Making 'the Kid's Table' Memorable

A thought recently occurred to me: in most families, each 'sub-family' is generally asked to bring something to contribute to the family holiday meal. Whether you're in charge of dessert, a side dish or wine, everyone contributes something so no one is burdened with the responsibility of feeding the entire family.

Another thought occurred to me as well: why doesn't someone take charge of the kids' activities this year? There are so many crafts and projects that are simple to organize and will keep the kids busy and entertained so the adults can catch up with each other and enjoy the holiday too. Age appropriateness needs to be taken into consideration, but maybe you could pair up older cousins with younger ones and have a creativity contest that the rest of the family can 'judge'? Everyone can get involved that way - and who doesn't love prizes?!

If you're hosting the party, you could use these projects before the party to have your kids create decorations for the centerpiece, mantle and placesettings. Holidays are more fun for kids when they feel that they are involved and can contribute! (Click on each title for instructions)

Pilgrim Place Cards

Pilgrim Pal

Make Your Own Hats