Friday, September 9, 2011

The Silver Lining

After the few days that we've had around here, I think a version of 'The Glad Game' from Pollyanna is in order.

Bad News: I got a stomach virus on Wednesday that lasted through Thursday night
Silver Lining: Charlie's parent's were visiting and could take care of the boys while I was sick
2nd Silver Lining: Charlie didn't catch it!

Bad News: Eli caught a bit of the virus and threw up all over me and all over himself
Silver Lining: Owen and Garrett haven't thrown up
2nd Silver Lining: Everything in the line of fire of Eli was washable and came out of the laundry no worse for the wear

Bad News: Most of our sippy cups melted in the dishwasher : (
Silver Lining: I've secretly wanted to buy new cups for awhile now and most of the cups at Babies R Us are on sale right now!

Bad News: All three boys are pretty out of sorts and just want to lay around and watch tv
Silver Lining: They are all taking fantastic naps and going to bed earlier than usual

Bad News: I meant to start school back up with Owen and Eli this week... but didn't
Silver Lining: I didn't because Charlie's parents were here for a visit and we loved seeing them!

Bad News: It's been more than two months since I've posted to this blog!?
Silver Lining: We had a summer full of family, vacation and fun, which didn't leave much time for blogging.

Next week is going to be busy, full and fun! My mom's group is kicking off on Monday and my women's bible study on Tuesday. I need to get in the groove with a schedule for teaching the boys while trying to get Garrett used to missing his morning nap Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It's going to be a great week - stop back to see how it goes!


Kelly said...

Or you could play "how could this be worse" haha! And......go! Xoxo