Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tot School - Qq

Owen & Eli: 33 months old

I wasn't looking forward to the letter Qq because I thought it was going to be boring, but it turned out to be pretty fun! I made a counting/dice game with quarters that the boys loved playing. It was as easy as writing the numbers 1-6 on a plain wooden die and making a card with numbers 1-20 written on it. We would roll the die, then count out that many quarters and keep taking turns until all 20 spots were filled. Now they can count to 20 like pros! They really liked using their magnifying glasses (from their bug boxes that I bought at Michaels) to check out the quarters in more detail.

We used the Confessions of a Homeschooler letter hunt page to play a bingo type game: I would call out a color on the quilt or say capital or lowercase Q and they would fill up their page with the glass gems that we've been using lately. We used her pre-writing practice for the letter Q too.
The two crafty projects we did were making a Capital Q out of quilt squares and using Q-tips to paint a Q with watercolors.

I cut capital Qs out of cardboard for the boys to try out tiny clothespins for the first time. They were getting frustrated because they couldn't quite figure out how to pinch them open, but they'll get it with practice. They used tweezers for the first time too and really liked that part. We got our first pair of tweezers in the same bug box that the magnifying glass came in - what a winner of a purchase at $2.99!

We had a short week because we left for family camp but still managed to fit in quite a few activities. The same goes for next week with the letter Rr, but we'll do the best with what we can! Hope y'all, the other Tot Schoolers especially, had a great week too!