Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tot School - Ii

Tot School - Theme - Ii
Owen & Eli: 30 Months
We had some fun this week despite the fact that I was playing the role of a single parent while hubs was in Vegas for a work conference and the printer was out of ink so I couldn't print off any online materials. We made it work though! The end goal (identification of Capital I and Lowercase i) was achieved, so everything else was just for fun!

I saw this idea on this blog, but the original idea is from here. Make an igloo out of baby marshmallows! It was supposed to just be with white ones, but I didn't have any and I think the colored ones are more tasty : ) Looking back, I probably should have talked more about what an igloo actually is - but they didn't seem to care and were on board with making the project.

I froze alphabet letters in a tupperware container for them to break out too. I only put in A through I, the letters we've done so far, capital and lowercase. They loved this activity and kept asking me for more ice throughout the week. They used warm water and their tool bench tools mostly, and we able to find and match all the letters once they were free! Success!

We made inchworms out of toilet paper rolls too. I found the idea here and they really loved it! This is one of the first crafts that they were able to do most of themselves - they painted, added glue, added the eyes and strung through the antennae. All I had to do was cut the rings and staple them together. They turned out pretty cute too!
An of course, the Letter Ii wouldn't be complete without homemade ice cream!! We made chocolate and have been enjoying it every day since : )

On to the Letter Jj!


Anonymous said...

Great job this week! I love the inchworms!

Carolyn said...

Love the frozen letters idea!! My daughter would have sooo much fun with this! Very neat... thanks for sharing! (And love your blog design..the letters and crayon.. so cute. :)

BEwers said...

Great week! I love the ice cube and igloos. Thanks for sharing. : )

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

Your inchworms are adorable! And kudos to your boys for making the igloo-my kids would have eaten all the marshmellows before we had half of it done. On a side note I LOVE your kitchen table. Can I ask where you got it?

Chasing Pure Simplicity said...

Great ideas! The inchworms are so cute! I love the igloos too, but our building materials would probably be gone before we even started!


Andrea said...

What a cute week!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Great week!

The inchworms are way too fun!


Whozat said...

I love these activities.

We did Ii this week too, and I was STUMPED!

I'm glad that we're traveling next week and you'll get ahead of us. I'm checking back for Jj ideas!

Unknown said...

Love the frozen letters! Great blog!

Unknown said...

Cut kids and nice pics... Loved it

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Lana said...

Thanks for the link back! Love the letters in ice activity, too! We'll have to try that!