Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tot School - Hh

Tot School - Theme - Hh
Owen & Eli: 30 Months
This week we focused on Hh is for Hippos, Horses, Houses and Hats! Their 'prewriting' practice was so much better this week than last week and they are getting better at drawing circles too. We built Hh's with blocks and drew pictures of all the things that start with H, read the Cat in the Hat and colored hats, we built houses out of foam blocks for our Little People hippos and horses (not pictured). I really wanted to get to this handprint activity, but our printer is out of ink so I couldn't print the poem. I wanted to do this one too and make a hot air balloon, but we ran out of time in the week. They are both so super cute though!

This was a pretty light week on alphabet activities, but successful and fun nevertheless. To see other Tot Schoolers, click over to 1+1+1=1