Monday, April 5, 2010

Tot School - Easter and Ovals

Tot School - Week 4 - Theme: Easter & Ovals
Owen & Eli: 19 months old
This was a pretty busy week! We started our Tot School activities at home and then travelled from Georgia to Michigan to spend Easter with family. Here are some of the things we did while we were still at home...

We continued learning about shapes this week with the shape of the Oval (since it's the same shape as the Easter eggs we would use so many more times this week). The boys put egg stickers inside the oval outline, and would even say 'uh oh' when they stuck it outside the shape!

They played with their Shrinky Dink Easter eggs all afternoon! (Here's the post where I made them) Looking at them, putting them in cups, pouring from one cup to the next, trying to string them on pipe cleaners and hiding them inside plastic eggs.

We used the plastic eggs to match the same colored pompoms too. They were so focused trying to open and close each egg!
We made Easter bunny hand print cards to send to the grandparents too! I first saw this idea on Tons of Fun but have seen many pictures of this craft since then too. She has some great ideas for other holidays that I'll be sure to make with the kids!

In Michigan, the boys participated in two egg hunts, painted Easter eggs and found their Easter baskets. I found a Melissa and Doug puzzle of farm animals that I'm going to use for a future Tot School theme and they got a Little People Around the Town book that I'll be able to use for lots of different themes too.

Since the boys are a little older this year, Easter was so much more fun! They weren't quite ready for the true meaning of Easter activities, so we'll be gearing up for that next year. This week's theme in Nature, Spring and the color Green. I have a couple ideas but not many days to get them done. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment!

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Susan-Chasing Marcus said...

I LOVED shrinky dinks when I was little! I have to check them out. How smart to punch holes in them so you can use them for sorting and lacing. Good thinking!

Unknown said...

Very clever...your a wonderful mommy...thanks for all the ideas..!