Monday, September 28, 2009

Laundry Day

I get a sick satisfaction about doing laundry. I love taking a pile of clothes, making them smell good as new, folding them up and putting them away so they are no longer an eye-sore in the corner of our bedroom. The problem though, is that now that the boys are eating everything in sight, I have a lot more difficult stains to deal with.

Here are two things that I have found help:
  • Have two piles for laundry - one that needs to be stain treated and one that doesn't. Usually the 'stain treated' pile is ALL of the boys clothes, but it still saves me from having to sort through them later (or worse, not realizing that something needed to be treated before washing it and ruining the article of clothing!)
  • Put the kids in the tub IN their clothes! After dinner, if the boys got especially messy, I'll throw their shirts in the tub with them to rinse out many stains immediately. Just hang them over the shower rod to dry. Rinsing them out while they are still fresh eliminates some of the need for stain treating chemicals.

I'm looking for tricks to get out set in stains. I washed one of Owen's shirts and realized that the stain didn't come out before I put it in the dryer - what can I do now?

Do you have any tricks to make laundry day more successful? Share your strategies!


amy said...

I WISH WISH WISH I had the same satisfaction with laundry- ha! I despise it really :) But I have found that Oxi-Clean gets out ANY stain- it's wonderful! Not always set in stains, but after the stains happen, I spray them and wash them and they're out!

Blogless A.R. said...

I share your sick satisfaction! And, as a nanny, I have two households of clothing to take care of. At my nanny job, the babies' hamper has a spray bottle of OxyClean Baby hanging from it. When the item goes into the hamper, we spray it right away. It's no problem for the spray to stay on until you get around to washing the clothes (although we tend to empty the hampers nearly every day to do laundry over there).

Set-in oily stains come out with Goop. You can get it at Kragen or Advanced Auto Parts or places like that because it's a hand de-greaser. But it also has a laundry application printed on the tube. My father-in-law taught me about this and it has saved some of my shirts that went through the dryer with oily stains remaining on them.

Good luck!

suzannah | the smitten word said...

i use a scoop of sun brand oxygen cleaner in each load, and it gets out almost everything. plus it's natural and only $5 for a HUGE tub.

if you sun your clothes outside on a clothesline, it will fade most set-in stains.

also, we have a bib we love--i think made by bumkins. it has sleeves and is nice and long, so it covers clothing really well--and it's made from something that can be wiped clean, so it doesn't need laundered as much. they have 'em at toy r us.

Katie Wick said...

A clothesline in the sun is crucial - especially when you live in the sunny land of AZ. Seriously... using a dryer should be a crime because you save so much energy, money, and it gets bacteria and stains out. A win, win, win!