Friday, September 4, 2009

Four-by-Fore(Play) Friday

It's a long weekend ladies... plenty of time to pull off at least one of these ideas. Take advantage of the extra day that your hubby is home. I know it's really hard not to put him to work on something that needs to be done around the house, but resist the urge. Enjoy the extra day! The focus this Friday is reminding him that you can be s-e-x-y! Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but between bills that need to be paid, dinner that needs to be made, kids that need to be bathed... it's hard to keep that sparkle alive that you thought about all the time when you were dating. Remember when you used to think about what you'd wear for a date? Remember when surprises were something you used to try to incorporate as much as possible? Remember the tingles up your spine the first time you held hands or kissed? Try to go back to that time and relive it! Here are four ideas to help get you there:

  • Before he comes home from work, change your clothes. Sounds simple enough, but change into something that you know he likes - anything except the t-shirt and shorts that you wear all day long. During the day it's fine for a baby to cry and wipe their nose on your shoulder, but for heavens sake, put on something else before he comes home! Spiff it up a little.

  • Feed the kids first and save dinner for the two of you for after they are in bed. Spread a blanket on the living room floor and eat dinner like a picnic. Even if you just order pizza, light some candles, break out the wine and have a real conversation (read: no TV)

  • Whisper in his ear. Anything is sexier when it's said as a whisper. I would encourage you not to ask him to take out the garbage as a whisper though. Give him 'some ideas' for after the kids go to bed - or even just let him know that you think he's hot. This is an easy one, and takes virtually no time at all but will make a big difference to him.

  • Say to him "I'm going to take a shower - wanna join me?" This activity is best when it's hot outside - otherwise you're left fighting over who gets to stand in the water stream longer. Wash each other too - there's something sexy about someone else sudsing you up.

There you go ladies. Four ideas for the long weekend. You have to eat, you have to shower, whispering is easy and getting changed will make you feel more attractive and look more attractive. No brainers - just try it!