Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Product Review: Sippy Cups

I'm a sucker for a cute or trendy looking sippy. My rationale is that the transition would be easier for the boys if they enjoyed drinking from the cup. I have tried five different cups so far and have found that each have pros and cons. For those of you who are about to embark on the sippy cup phase, I thought you'd appreciate a little feedback on the ones I've tried. Hopefully other people will chime in with which ones they found especially great (or useless) too.

I'm actually wondering if anyone has had good luck with a hard spout cup. Please share your experience (good or bad!)

Nuk Learner Cup (by Gerber)
  • Price: about $6.50 for one
  • Pros: Only holds about 5 oz. of fluid, so it isn't too heavy for small hands to hold up; easy grip handles; locking cap; any Nuk bottle will fit in the handles
  • Cons: incredibly difficult to suck from (I even tried it and couldn't get it to work!)
  • Final Verdict: Waste of money. For as difficult as it is to suck from, I can't believe any baby ever learns how to use a cup.

Nuby Flip-n-Sip Straw Cup

  • Price: about $4.99 for one
  • Pros: Doesn't leak when straw is contained; easy grip handles; holds 8 oz
  • Cons: Confusing to babies because they have to keep the cup down to drink from a straw; difficult to clean (I'll only use water in it so milk doesn't get stuck in the cracks); won't fit in a cup holder because of the handles
  • Final Verdict: These cups are fun and exciting for the boys to use. Since they have figured out the straw, they are much easier for them to use. I still wouldn't use milk in these cups, but for juice and/or water, I really like them.

Nuby Handle Cup with Spout - 2 pack
  • Price: about $6.50 for two
  • Pros: price; soft spout
  • Cons: very difficult to screw the top on (the handles get in the way and the bottom is too fat to get a good grip on); nipple collapses when baby sucks too hard; leaks
  • Final Verdict: I hate this cup and would never recommend it to anyone

Nuby Leak Resistant Cup
  • Price: about $4.99 for one
  • Pros: soft spout makes learning easy; easy grip handles; easy to clean
  • Cons: food particles get stuck in crevices when washed in the dishwasher and don't come out; very easy for babies to push nipple through the ring (which spills out all contents); because of the handles, it won't fit in a cup holder
  • Final Verdict: this is usually our everyday cup, though I have to keep a close eye on the boys so they don't push in the nipple

Nuby No Spill Gripper Cup
  • Price: about $5.50 for two (but even cheaper at Walmart)
  • Pros: easy to clean; inexpensive; soft spout
  • Cons: No handles and heaviers, which makes it hard for slippery, small hands to hold up
  • Final Verdict: Now that the boys are better with cups and their hands, this is a great option


Becky said...

Good grief! I thought everything was easy from here on out. I'll definitely consult this post again when I get to this phase. Can't wait...

Trisha said...

We actually tried the "Munchkin" brand that is sold everywhere. I was attracted to them because of how affordable they were. We used the ones with silicone tops for milk and that worked well until Sam bit a bigger hole in them and the milk poured out. We tried the ones with plastic tops for water but even I had a hard time sucking the liquid through, they are only good without the rubber piece inside but then they spill easily. I have a toddler Nalgene that we use for water that we just love. So cute and durable! We use a toddler playtex cup for milk now which is fine. Cups were a tricky one for me...

Elise Englert said...

The only one of these that we've tried is the last one, the Nuby No Spill Gripper cup. I HATE it. I actually cleaned out my sippy cup shelf yesterday and trashed all 6 of these. You may be wondering why I bought 6 of them if I hate them so much...I didn't always hate them. They served their purpose when the kids were first learning to drink from a cup due to the soft spout, and the no valve thing made them easy to clean, but my kids tip them upside down and push the spout into their high chair tray, or the floor, or their hand, and they can empty that cup before the know what hit them. Its great fun for them, a nightmare for me. On our last drive to Pittsburgh, Asher emptied the entire cup of OJ into his car seat and all over himself. I really like the First Years cups (many of them are Disney/Sesame Street themed.) They don't have a valve (all one piece for easy cleaning, but have a hard spout which prevents the aforementioned problem. I've also heard good things about the Gerber and Playtex cups, although they do have a valve, which I don't think is as bad as I thought it would be. Also, I hate the cups with straws. I don't think you can ever really get them clean. I hope that was helpful. Elise

amy said...

we LOVE the Nuby Leak Resistant Cup at our house too! It's the ONLY one the girls took to (except the Nuby with handles, which we like, but I'm with you- don't like when the nipple collapses).

Also, to teach the girls how to use a straw, I bought a Rubbermaid brand cup called a "Juice Box" because you can squeeze it up thru the straw to show them how to use it! It's only $1 or so and it's in the tupperware section (at Target). Highly recommend it!

Great post!!

suzannah | the smitten word said...

we use two, neither of which you list. the first i like, but it contains BPA, so i'd like to phase them out.

the other are smallish playtex ones--BPA-free. they come in a 2 pack for around 6 bucks. i like them. easy to use and clean, and they only hold maybe like 6 oz.

did you know kids are only supposed to drink 4 oz of juice a day? we always water hers down well, but it makes me wonder why the heck they make those crazy super-sized sippies!