Friday, August 21, 2009

Keepin' it Hot with Hubby - Guest Post

Okay Ladies, we all know how this works. Kids are bathed and in bed. We breeze through the rest of the house in an attempt to clean up from the day, get a few things ready for tomorrow, and if we're lucky do something on our "to do" list that needs our attention. Then we call it a day. Maybe I'm the only one this happens to but it seems that my comfy pillow is the trigger for my eyes to become too heavy to hold open, and soon after my head hits the pillow it's lights out. So much for any time with hubby, intimate or not. This is a simply crazy idea for "keepin' it hot with hubby". TAKE A NAP. Bear with my fuzzy logic... the whole reason we're married to this handsome man that inhabits the same bed and is the father of our beautiful and brilliant children is because we love him. And if we love him, we want to spend time with him (harken back to childless days). And if we plan on spending time with him... a twenty minute nap does wonders. So what if something doesn't get done as we planned if we nap while the mini-me sleeps? It can wait for tomorrow, and your husband is sure to love the time that you planned on taking with him sans children. In our household I try to take a nap in the afternoon while our little girl naps at least once a week. Sometimes I have to rearrange dinner plans, or try to accomplish something while she's awake to be able to take that little snooze; but my hubby really appreciates that I was thinking about spending time with him earlier enough in the day to take that nap so that my pillow is no longer calling my name that night. As for the "hot", I'll leave that up to you. Mandy is the wife of Eric and the mother of Anna (15 months). She also has another baby on the way, due in March. Guess the 20 minute nap idea works! : )