Monday, August 24, 2009

Going to Bed Angry

Recently, a favorite game to play at bridal showers has been the Give-the-Bride-Unwanted-Advice-Game. Without fail, some great aunt says sweetly, "never go to bed angry." Dutifully, I have taken this advice. And, like clockwork, it fails every time. Looking back, there is nothing worse than dissecting a communication issue (otherwise known as wife wanting hubby to help around the house more and hubby wanting to play Final Fantasy 4) at 11:30pm. If I have learned nothing from wifehood, I have definitely learned early in motherhood that I am a terrible grouch when tired. Which is basically anytime before my morning coffee and anytime after 9pm. As calm as I may be throughout the evening, while my honey ignores the dishes or can't find a way to talk on the phone AND fold laundry at the same time, it all builds up to the 11pm Mrs. Pooey (as I like to call my grouchy self. Everything is Mr. or Mrs. Pooey these days). Last night, I finally figuratively gave the finger to those great aunts and their well-meaning but terrible advice. At 11pm, I felt the unpacked suitcases, dirty litter boxes, and impending in-law's anniversary dinner (hosted by yours truly) build up inside Mrs. Pooey. My Honey was innocently oblivious to it all and, after helping with the baby, enjoyed some game time and caught up on his DVR. Instead of nagging, lecturing, or starting a fight at 11pm, I decided to turn a new leaf. I calmly got into bed, rolled on my side, and let the fuming thoughts drift me to sleep. At 6am, as I woke to hear our 5 month old stirring, I happily rolled over and spooned with my hubby. Tonight he said the sweetest words a wife can hear, especially with a dinner party for 10 happening in two days: "Can you make me a to-do list?" "Why yes, Honey, I certainly can."