Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FIAR - How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

Five in a Row - How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
April 15-26, 2013
O and E: 4.5 years old

** Because this blog is just my personal way of keeping track of our activities so I can do them again with younger siblings I am not going to link to everything that I used. If you'd like the link to anything specific, just let me know!**

That said, here's a link to my Pinterest board for lots of my inspirations for the week

I ended up sticking with this book for two weeks because there are SO MANY great apple activities for PreK and Kindergarten out there. I'm using FIAR as a jumping off theme for the week but going much deeper than the manual does in reading, writing, spelling and math. Here's what we did!

Apples in the Basket books (from TpT) were great for reading numbers and colors as well as following directions ("I see six green apples" and they had to draw six green apples in the basket). Then they assembled them in numerical order and we turned it into a book. They love little books! Their spelling words for this week were from the -AKE family (make, bake, cake, shake, Blake...) and from the -AP family (apple, cap, happy, Pappy, trap...). They played I Have, Who Has (from TpT) with an apple theme. We also made an Apple Poem book (Pinterest) and stamped the star from the inside of the apple.

Our big science activities this week were diagramming the life cycle of an apple tree (see to tree to blossom to apple to seed), writing words that describe apples using our senses (red, cold, crunchy, yummy, hard, sweet, etc), labeling the parts of an apple and making our first Venn diagram (which they did GREAT with!). We compared apples and bananas.

I made an apple pattern page for them by printing a page of apple outlines and coloring in the first four apples in a pattern, then they finished the page. We also made pie graphs this week! Since they are twins and I wanted them to each have their own data to collect we used Favorite Pies and Favorite Pizza (Pie) Toppings. We called 20 friends and family members and they had to ask them what their favorite was, then circle it on our data sheet. I drew the pie graph segments and we counted the totals and colored in the appropriate number of segments to represent the results. Then we made apple pie and pizza for dinner!

I made a separate story disc for each ingredient in the story rather than just moving one story disc around on the map. They also colored the flags for Italy, France, Sri Lanka, Jamaica and England from Crayola.com.

No week is complete without a little art project. Green paint on a paper plate and some apple stickers. I love how they drew all their brothers holding apples too : )
Next week is Mike Mulligan. Perfect for these vehicle loving boys!


Anna Frye said...

Awesome! You will be so glad you are blogging all of this...even if just for record-keeping for when you need to prove you actually did school at home :) If you ever decide to get this all in a book form (print out of your blog in a paperback book), it would be so priceless!!! Great job. Love the pizza and apple pie dinner...I love when school activities help me plan things for the whole family :)

A said...

I love your spelling word sheets! What a great idea to add to our Daily Learning notebook! Did you make them yourself or download them somewhere? Thanks for the great ideas!