Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tot School - Vv

Tot School - V is for Volcanoes and Vegetables
Owen and Eli: 43 months old
Our two main activities this week dealt with volcanoes - a science experiment to make erupting volcanoes using playdoh, a glass jar, baking soda and vinegar, and a handprint craft using torn paper and a red handprint  for the lava. They turned out great!
We only did a few printables this week, one was a volcano coloring page (can't remember where from), another was from (not showing) and the last was from Money Saving Mom.
 Here are the library books we used this week - mostly vegetable related but a couple children's research books on volcanoes too. (Confession: most of these were way too many words for storytime, so they used them as picture books instead!) We watched several YouTube videos of volcanoes erupting too, this one was our favorite.
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