Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tot School - Oo

Tot School - Letter Oo is for Ocean and Owen!
Owen and Eli: 41 months old

We hit up the library before the week began and chose lots of Ocean themed books. We even found a really cute book about a little mouse named Owen!
Since Owen and Eli are fairly good at drawing O's at this point, we didn't do a whole lot of writing this week. I used the letter maze from here and the Roll-an-Ocean-Animal game from here.
We played a few 'following directions' games this week. For the first one I would draw an ocean animal on the magna doodle and they would have to attempt to draw the same one. We used a jellyfish, crab, fish, seaweed and ocean waves. For the second game we drew Owen! They took turns following the directions on the page, then I gave a few more instructions like 'color the shoes orange' or 'draw two balloons in each hand.'  
Art projects for the week included making Sea Anemones out of play-doh and toothpicks, painting four different ocean animals (crab, tropical fish, turtle and jellyfish) with paper plates and used all the 'ocean themed' coloring puppets from here. We used the dolphin, jellyfish, octopus, x-ray fish, walrus and seal. Owen is sponge painting the shell of his turtle, which I think turned out much better than trying to control the paint brush to make it shell-like.
Themed lunch! Octo-dogs, seashell noodles, an orange and cheese sailboat and pretzel goldfish crackers, then rice krispie treats tinted with blue food coloring to make starfish!
Cloud sand (recipe/idea from here) was the perfect entertainment on a 75 degree day in February! It is 8 cups of flour to 1 cup of baby oil and is so soft to the touch. I hid all sorts of fun items in the 'sand' and gave them shovels, spoons, colanders, and cups to manipulate with also. They played with it for hours! 

Our Ocean Themed week was so fun! To see what others did this week in Tot School, click here.


Bren said...

So many cute ideas! I especially liked the crafts. Bookmarked for our Ocean theme. Thanks for sharing!

Theprincessandthetot said...

I especially love the following instructions Magna Doodle idea! We'll have to try that one soon.

Sarah said...

I love the O for Ocean crafts! Those are so cute. We just finished O week last week and I am wishing I had a few of your creative ideas! Love the name of your blog...Oh, and I'm your newest follower!

Stefanie said...

Oh how I HEART the drawings of little ones. They are so sweet. My daughter draws people like that and I just love it!!!