Friday, January 27, 2012

Tot School - Kk

Tot School - Kk is for Kings, Kiwi and Kites
Owen and Eli: 40 months old
I had a hard time with Kk as I was researching some ideas. I didn't like the concept of using Knights because I think that's really confusing to kids just learning what sounds the letters make, and I didn't want to use Kittens because the K sound is the same as the C sound in Cats, which I also think can be confusing. So I was left with coming up with my own words without ideas already in existence. Check out how it went!

We started this week reviewing all the letters we've covered so far. I wanted to start incorporating more writing and not just recognition so I wrote all the letters in pencil on a piece of paper and gave the boys a Q-tip and watercolors. I think it was so successful because they could choose their colors and we made it a game (ie: Pick a color and write the F!) We used watercolors a lot this week and I think we had a much more enjoyable week (because I wasn't so busy getting annoyed when they wouldn't follow directions - ha!) We'll definitely go back to watercolors again in the weeks to come!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the results of their color-by number pages. Only a week ago they would color just the number or randomly draw all over the paper, but this time they did GREAT! (Again, I credit the watercolors!) Instead of using our do-a-dots on the Find the Kk page we used watercolors to circle the Ks. 
The handwriting pages continue to get better every week, though they 'draw' the letters instead of 'writing' them. What I mean is, they piece the letters together with short little lines. (Look at the second written K on the bottom row for an example). Is this normal and they'll just figure it out or am I doing something wrong? The BIG excitement for the week was that Eli learned how to write his name! I love the length of some of his letters : )
We reviewed numbers 1-10 with our sticker books. They had to count the items, then find the corresponding number and stick it in the right box. They loved it!
I had a really hard time finding paper plate crafts or handprint crafts that I liked for the letter K, so I made one up! We used a potato to stamp kiwis on the page, then dotted them with black paint on a q-tip to make the seeds. I painted the boys fingers and top of their palm yellow, then they stamped twice and added glitter to make the crown. They painted the face orange and after it dried they added the googly eyes, used a paint brush for the hair, stamped their brown handprints three times for the beard and drew the smile. A little messy, but they were proud of the results and I think they turned out pretty cute. 
Letter L is next week - pass along any good ideas you've used! Linking up to Tot School.


Janet said...

Nice watercolors! I'm partial to them :)
And great job, Owen & Eli! You're doing so well with your letters. I'm proud of you!
- Grandma Fox

Unknown said...

Love your letter K craft! That turned out really cute.

Bren said...

I love the kiwi print idea...turned out super cute.

Eddie said...

I love watercolours! Such rich colour!

The kiwi painting and handprint crowns are great. And I think the "drawing" the k is totally normal at this age. I think you'll see changes in another year, probably.

Amanda said...

What a great learning week - looks like you are a super organized mama!!! I taught kindergarten for 5 years and K is a very hard letter. Handwriting will come when they have developed and improved their fine motor skills My 26 month old is no where close to writing any letters. Have you seen the Handwriting without tears program? I have used the big boards (we made our own) to teach letter formation and my kids really connected with it.