Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tot School - Ii

Tot School - Ii is for Insects and Ice Cream
Owen and Eli: 40 months old

This week was so much more fun than I was expecting! I had a hard time coming up with words that went along with Ii, but we were on a roll as the week went on. I printed off capital and lowercase I's and gave the boys insect stickers to fill in the letters. Their personalities came through when Owen wanted to fill in all the white space and Eli wanted to stack as many stickers as possible on top of each other. The inchworm letter hunt and the letter outlines were both from here.

I can't find the link for the letter maze, but the color by number is from here. Both went better than they did last week : )

Our big art project for the week was making puffy paint ice cream cones. We mixed shaving cream, elmer's glue and paint together, then they spread it on the paper with their hands and they looked like ice cream when they dried. So fun! The clean-up wasn't even difficult, which I have to say was a small concern of mine : )

We only did a few of the ice cream printables from Mama's Monkey's, but the ones we did were pretty successful. They colored the cones the appropriate colors, matched the magnet letters with the uppercase and lowercase letters on the ice cream cones, and did some pre-writing practice too. They are both getting better at controlling their utensil movements and at holding the pen.

The crowning glory of the week was making ice cream from scratch. We had some friends over and all measured and mixed the ingredients, then watched the ice cream maker do its magic. So fun!

Other Tot Schoolers were busy this week too - check it out here!


Brittney said...

Stopping in from tot school. The puffy paint ice cream cones look really fun! My boys would love that!