Friday, December 9, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: Days 8-15

Our first week of activities was great! It really added to the structure of the day and the boys were so excited to find the hidden Christmas books and tear off the next link on the paper chain.

I found a printable countdown Christmas tree that we've been adding an ornament to every day to mark the days too. It's really cute - and free!

Here's what's up this week:

Day 8: Paper Plate Snowman
Craft: I added silver glitter to white paint and the boys painted a paper plate. As it was drying, they sprinkled more silver glitter to contact paper and I cut out the inner circle of the plate, which became the snowman's head. We used buttons for the eyes and foam paper for the nose, mouth, top hat and scarf. After assembling, we used glitter glue on the paper for the snow. So cute!

Day 9: Drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights
Field trip as a family

Day 10: Attend the Live Nativity Hayride in Flower Mound
Field trip as a family

Day 11: Make footprint gifts to mail to the Grandparents
Craft: Christmas trees and snowmen and potential ideas for this project

Day 12: Nativity Pre-K Pack and Nativity Tot Pack
Preschool learning

Day 13: Make homemade Christmas ornaments
Craft: Salt dough ornaments with the boys' handprints or footprints

Day 14: Have a Nativity Lunch!
Edible craft using baby hot dogs and crescent rolls, cheese, animal crackers, pretzel rods and a few other goodies

Day 15: Building our Nativity: Mary, the Angel and Joseph
Craft: While explaining each of the characters of the Nativity story, we will add the people to a Bethlehem/manger scene leading up to the birth of Jesus

I might add a few other crafts or recipes if we're having a down day - Pinterest is so full of great ideas that I can't really choose!

Hope your Christmas preparations are going great and keeping you focused on the true meaning of Christmas!


christinawirch said...

I made the footprint craft above this morning with my 21mth old. We made one for each set of grandparents and one for mom & dad. Love how it turned out!