Monday, October 31, 2011

Tot School - Ff

Tot School - Ff is for Firemen and Frogs
Owen and Eli: 38 months old

We spent a lot of time this week reading books about how tadpoles turn into frogs and reading all sorts of frog books. Our footprint craft this week was from Pinterest and turned out pretty cute. We added the tadpoles at the bottom by painting the boys' thumbs and adding googly eyes.

Our firemen printables were from Homeschool Creations and Mama's Monkeys and the boys' really liked them this week. We did the letter tracing and counting puzzles and the pre-writing practice to connect the firemen to the fires. I couldn't find a good firemen paper plate craft, so I made one up! Their handprints are supposed to be flames, I used a little creative liberty : )

We would have gotten to more this week, but I'm still getting used to THIS news! #4, due early June!
See ya next week for Letter Gg! Linking up to Tot School at 1+1+1=1


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say congratulations on your new little one growing inside of you.

Also, I can totally see flames in those handprints=)

MamaDuck76 said...

Wow, congrats on the new baby! I love your F is for Fireman handprint paintings...they are ADORABLE!

jess_hak said...

Yay for #4....I'm hoping for that number too soon (hubby not so much lol). Congratulations!!

I love the cute little footprint frogs....and the firemen are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

H is for Homeschooling said...

Congrats! I have been stopping by your blog to see your book recommendations (so helpful!) and because we are going at a similar pace through the alphabet. We're doing Ff this coming week so I was looking for inspiration :) Hope you're feeling good!

Sierra @