Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tot School - Oo

Owen & Eli: 32 months old

Since the letter Oo is so easy to identify, we just had a lot of fun this week with artsy activities! We used large and small glass beads to identify the upper and lowercase O's (which I think I'm going to do going forward: big beads for uppercase, little beads for lowercase). The glass beads were a big hit.

I found this activity and thought it was really cute. She has adorable flamingo and peacock handprint crafts too. We watched several YouTube videos of ostriches running and racing too, which the boys thought was hilarious. I was actually surprised that they knew what an ostrich was before I even told them.
We did some octopus crafts too, and incorporated some ocean activities as well. The do-a-dot page was used to count the legs, stamp the circles and put cheerios on each circle. Gotta love multi-purpose printouts! I made up a hand print activity to make an octopus using their fingers as the legs and the letter O for the body. They glued lots of little octopuses to create more of an ocean scene too. I'm looking for recommendations on scissors for little kids - have any? I tried out my first 'I Spy Jar' this week too and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I colored sea salt brown (green, red and yellow food coloring) and filled it with beads, ocean stickers and tiny wooden items you'd find at the ocean. Oh yeah! And you can't have an O theme without having 'octodogs' for dinner! : )

The last O that we worked with was Owls. We listened to Owl Babies on YouTube and then made owls using the lowercase o for the owl's belly. They loved using glitter glue to make the stars!

We'll be doing the letter Pp for two weeks because I'm so excited about the themes! Pirates, Pizza, Policemen and Peter Pan!

Hope y'all had a great week!


Andrea said...

Wow I love it all! So very creative:)
~Jada Roo Can Do~

Julie said...

Love the glass beads idea, very clever! And the octodogs are awfully cute!

Stopping by from the Tot School Linkup

Carolyn said...

LOVE the hotdog octopus!!!

Stefanie said...

Love how you used the beads. So cute!!

Just popping in from Tot School.

Jen said...

Octodogs! Oh my goodness! I sure hope that's what you're planning for your dinner night during vacation in a couple weeks..