Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tot School - Nn

Owen & Eli: 32 Months

This week we worked on Nn is for Numbers. Lots of potential, kind of a bust on execution. The boys were pretty good with number recognition but not very good or interested in actually counting. By the end of the week, Eli was counting from 1-10 outloud (but saying 10 instead of 6 every time) and Owen, when asked to count, would say 'no, not count, Eli do it.' I'm not going to push them, they'll get it eventually!

They used Cheerios to cover up the number that I would call out, and then used the same page to match number magnets. They put bean bags on their Sesame Street flashcards and used their number magnets on the number review sheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We practiced counting using 1:1 ratio with pompoms on the same sheet, glass beads in an ice cube tray with number stickers, and buttons on pipe cleaners. Hit or miss, but the repetition was helpful, I'm sure.

We're on to Oo next week, but I'm planning on keeping numbers a part of our weekly activities from now on. To see what other Tot Schoolers did this week, check out 1+1+1=1

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Blogless A.R. said...

These activities look fun, and I like the "cross-referencing" of other numbered toys/magnets with the worksheets. It helps teach them that there are numbers all around and they correspond to quantities and other concepts. :-)

Pinfluence said...

HI! I found your blog via Pinterest. Someone pinned your button sorting activity & I loved it! My 2 year old completed a sorting activity {based on your idea but with beads} and I featured it on my blog here: