Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Love a Good List

A good list keeps me sane. It keeps me focused. It keeps me on track. Just the act of making the list makes me happy.

Have I mentioned that we're taking THREE vacations with THREE kids under THREE years old?! I haven't? Oh. That's probably because I was in denial until yesterday.

Now that I'm actually acknowledging that these trips are going to happen, I'm choosing not to focus on the insanity ahead of us, but instead on the scores of lists that will need to be made to get us through these trips in one piece.

Here are the categories I have so far:
Baby gear
Toddler gear
Car snacks
Car activities
Airplane friendly activities
To do/prep before leaving
To make/buy before leaving
Groceries to bring/meal plans
Water gear

The first trip is a family trip to Hot Springs, AR, where we'll stay in a house and need to cook our own meals. The second is a trip to family camp in the Ozark's with nine other families from our church - meals are taken care of, but we're without the luxuries of having a house to ourselves. The third trip I'm taking sans-hubby, and it's on an airplane! Three kids alone, getting through an airport, security and keeping occupied for a 2.5 hour flight while holding an 11 mo old on my lap. Heaven help me. Thankfully, we're flying to my sister's house and once we're there, it'll be just like home - toys, baby gear, minivan - awesome.

I'm looking for items to add to my 'Car Activities' list. Suggestions are greatly appreciated! Keep in mind, the boys are not quite three, so games like the license plate game aren't going to work.

Send me some ideas... I'm starting my lists!!


Vanessa (Housewives Inc) said...

Little Moo has a favourite CD with nursery rhymes and other kiddy songs that we play to death while in the car. We did a road trip to Paris during March (from England & via the car ferry) and that CD was a sanity saver (well, ok, it may have caused other mental health problems listening to the same songs over and over and over again - but it did a great job keeping her occupied!)
We also made a point of stopping at as many rest-stops as possible so she could stretch her legs and have a little play on the slides and swings.
All the best with your trip(s)!!