Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Moment of Perfection

There are rare moments in motherhood that seem perfect. It is a very rare occurrence when there are no kids crying or fighting through lunch battles or nursing or throwing something or sneaking out of there cribs when I can actually enjoy the day with my kids. I'm in that moment right now.

Owen and Eli just opened their Christmas presents last night since we travelled for the last 2+ weeks. They are putting together jigsaw puzzles with the skill of a five year old even though they aren't much more than two. They just assembled four twelve piece puzzles on their own, stopping after every matched piece to give me a high five. How cute is that?! They are talking to each other about what they are creating (a bus, a train, a race car and a fire engine) and they are helping each other find the right piece. Garrett is sitting in his bouncy seat watching all the action just smiling away and kicking his legs.

I was actually able to read the whole MOPS magazine and drink a whole cup of tea without reheating it while watching them!

I know that soon it will be lunchtime, they'll get bored with their puzzles, they'll escape like daredevils from their cribs and someone will start crying, but for now, I'm in heaven.


Kelsey said...

Sounds absolutely lovely!

Just found you on the Tot School link and greatly enjoying your blog and ideas, thanks!! :-)

Shaloma said...

Those moments are rare with two kids, I can't imagine the bliss of having that moment with three. Nice work!

Elizabeth said...

Moments like that ARE wonderful! Sometimes in a day I can feel so bipolar because one minute I am thinking "Wow, this is amazing! Look how well they are all playing together! They are such an incredilbe blessing!" and then the next minute I will be pulling my hair out thinking "Is this really MY life? Do they really all belong to me?" :)

suzannah | the smitten word said...

without reheating?? that IS magic. God is gracious and those boys are so sweet:)

Anonymous said...

What a perfect moment! Yay for being able to capture it as well!

Alison @ Educational Creations said...

I treasure these moment too when for a few minutes my daughters are at peace with each other :)