Friday, November 19, 2010

Tot School - Cc

Tot School - Theme - Cc
Owen & Eli: 26 months old

This week we focused on the Letter Cc is for Caterpillars, Cooking, Colors and Cars. Art, as always, is one of their most favorite activities, so I tried to incorporate as many different applications as I could. We started off the week with a letter C caterpillar. I did most of the coloring, but we talked about all the colors and they repeated most of them for me and we able to point to each color I asked them to identify - even aqua! I found this Color Mixing activity and the boys loved turning the food coloring dots into new colors. We did the Letter of the Week craft and turned a C into a Crab. I made a race track C for them to put their car stickers all over too. I found this paint brush color id activity, which went the same way it usually does - they start off doing exactly what I want them to do, then they start crinkling up the papers and throwing them off the table. They proved that they could do it though, which I guess is all I'm asking for!

Baking and cooking are two of their favorite things right now too - any kind of helping in the kitchen really. We 'made' cookies (break n bakes) - and they added all the sprinkes, and we made a pound cake too. There was also a lot of pretend cooking going on - and watching them 'taste' all the pretend food was super cute. We sang 'C is for Cookie' and 'Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar' while we were baking.

As for other activities, we had a scavenger hunt with the scores of cars that we own, did mini puzzles of capital letters and lowercase letters, worked on all of our puzzles, talking about colors of most of the pieces, read books about rainbow colors, caterpillars and animals (cats and cows, specifically), played the letter C games and watched how crayons are made. It was a good week!

I'm going to do Thanksgiving activities next week and postpone Dd for the week after - so if you have any good turkey day activities, pass them on! To see what other Tot Schoolers are doing, click here.


Erica {B is for Boy} said...

I love the racecar son loves cars and trains so he would love that! I have a week's worth of Turkey activities and also a week's worth of THanksgiving that I planned. I can send them to you...but I can't find a place on your blog to send you a message.

Fiona said...

wow so many C activities-and very brave cooking with young kids!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love watching them learn. They get so involved.

JDaniel4's Mom
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