Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tot School: Yellow and Orange

Tot School - Week 8 - Theme: Yellow & Orange
Owen & Eli: 20 Months Old

This was our worst week yet for using our theme, but it was a great week for learning in general! Here are a couple of the color activities that we got around to this week...

Matching the colored item to the colored paper. This is an oldie, but a goodie, but the problem is that the boys are getting to the stage where, if they know how to do something, they'll just refuse to do it. I could get them both to demonstrate yellow to yellow, orange to orange, but then they seemed bored because they knew what to do.

We used our do-a-dots and crayons on orange and yellow paper, but that turned into a coloring activity in general.

And we used orange and yellow pipecleaners by putting them into the small holes of a spice container.

This was a big week for puzzles and stacking blocks. The boys are getting so much better with balance and identification, so these puzzles and blocks are getting used much more often. I think it's so cute when they clap for themselves after every piece!

Unfortunately, that's about it for our week. Purple is our theme this week, followed by all the colors in the rainbow. Two more weeks of colors and I think we'll ALL be ready to move onto a different topic! : )

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Anonymous said...

Still looks like you guys had a great week!