Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Growing Pains

I'm telling you, if you are the mom of little boys, you have to buy this book. How Do You Tuck in a Superhero by Rachel Balducci is full of little gems like this:

I spend my days trying to find a balance in protecting my boys from the dangers of the world while letting them discover the beauty of it. I want to let them run and jump and climb and build, without crashing and burning in the process. The scary part of being a female raising males, or maybe just being a parent in general, is that I have to guide and cold the nature of these boys without working against it. It is not in my nature to run screaming through the backyard while carrying a large stick. But it is in the nature of my boys, and I don't want to squelch who they are simply because I don't always understand it... As they grow and bloom and spread their wings, I have to do the same. I have to keep up with them, while allowing them to be who God created them to be. (p. 190)

How many of you can relate to this mom?! I know that my ideal afternoon at a park would include a quiet stroller ride for the boys through a shaded (and paved) path. Their perfect afternoon at the same park would include no parts of a stroller, walking through all the dirt and mud they can find, collecting sticks, rocks and acorns along the way, and maybe tasting a few of their findings at the same time. They are explorers; they love being outside and they don't want to be told how to enjoy their surroundings thankyouverymuch. They notice things that I have long since tuned out, like airplanes, lawn mowers and barking dogs. They think slapping each other is hilarious. They love climbing on everything. To them, coming inside from playing is a tragedy. They are boys, through and through, and I need to learn how to nurture their adventurous spirit instead of try to contain it to suit my likings.

Good thing I'm always up for a challenge... because raising them while allowing them to be the little boys God created them to be is going to be one!


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post! I have a 3 year old that fits into your description of your boys! Its a tough thing to find the balance between explorering and enjoying and not breaking something, themselves or someone else ;-) Today Sammy tried to do a back flip on the playground and fell on his head. Did it hurt.. yes.. did it break anything no.. did he get right back up and try again.. yes.. do I know its fairly safe since the bar is only 3 feet off the ground.. yes.. does it make my almost have a heart attack each time he tries.. totally!! I will have to look for that book!