Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Moral Code of Motherhood

There are a lot of things that should go without saying in life:
::Don't look at your neighbor's paper when taking a test.
::Don't order the most expensive thing on the menu on a first date.
::Don't talk about people behind their back.
::Don't purchase any big ticket items without thinking about it for 24 hours.

In motherhood, I think there are also things that should go without saying.
::Don't take your kid to a play date if they are sick.
::Don't give glaring looks to a mom whose kid is throwing a tantrum.
::Don't judge the length of time that another mom chooses to nurse their child, keep a pacifier or put off potty training.

::Don't sell an item at a consignment sale without disclosing whether or not all the pieces are included!

I hit a homerun at a local consignment sale tonight on so many items - clothes for Easter, puzzles, toddler forks and spoons, books and block, just to name a few. I bought "Now I Know My ABCs" and was so excited about it... until I realized that two of the pieces to the mini-puzzles were missing. And I found one of those old-school Tupperware blue and red shape sorters. There were two of them, one for $5 and one for $3, without any noticeable differences. I bought the $3 item and discovered at home that one of the pieces wasn't there. If you're going to seal the boxes and bags, at least tell me on the tag if something's missing!

What do you think are some of the unwritten rules of being a mom?


Kelly said...

Ooh... okay I thought of one in the middle of the night last night!?! If you witness your child being a bully to another child, apologize to the mom of that child and help initiate an apology from your child. This recently happened to us and the mother just acted like nothing happened! So rude!