Monday, March 15, 2010

Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick's Day is this week, and though my boys are still a little young for some of these projects, I wanted to hang on to them for next year and pass them along to you in case you were looking for something festive to keep your kids entertained.

Remember shrinky-dinks? No Time for Flash Cards made these friendship bookmarks out of shrinky dink paper, but just this one little picture gave me so many ideas! I'm definitely going to buy some paper to prep some materials for this week's focus on triangles and on a few other upcoming themes for Tot School. They would be a great little item to hide in a sandbox as 'buried treasure' or to hide as part of a scavenger hunt. I love that you make them yourself, so you can totally customize based on the holiday or theme that's approaching.

Who wouldn't love to unwrap one of these fun little treats?! The recipe is at, or you can click on it here. It only uses one box of cake mix, separated into six little bowls and dyed individual colors. The whipped cream cloud on the top seals the deal for me.

Once the boys can recognize their letters, I'm definitely going to do a few activities similar to this one from Chasing Marcus. Under all of the stars are alphabet letters that the kids cover with stickers as you call out the letter. It can also be a coloring sheet once you're finished with the letter recognition. Two for one: fun and educational!

At Funny Days with Mommy & Maddie, they made this rainbow out of hand prints and decorated them with bingo stampers and glitter to add to the finished product.

I can't wait until the boys can be trusted with glue and glitter - but until then, these ideas will just have to wait!


Anonymous said...

I love following your blogs -- you are so on the right track with the activities for your boys. I am your cousin Shaloma's husband's aunt and teach Kindergarten. I love to see what your sweet boys are doing!