Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Issues... I Have Issues

This is my first week of Tot School. Stay tuned this weekend for the summary of all the activities that the boys have participated in - I think it's been a pretty successful week so far!

I realized though that I have a ridiculous obsession with order and organization. It makes me CrAzY when the boys want to play with more than one color of play-doh at a time. I don't understand their desire to dump things just for the sake of dumping them. I like my crayons sharpened and perfect... so you can see why this might bother me just a little bit.

Laugh if you must, but it's taking everything in me not to throw this box of crayons away and buy a new one! Sometimes I think I'm just a little crazy... so I'm wondering...

What do your kids do (because they're kids) that drives you nuts?


suzannah | the smitten word said...

dylan loves to get ALL her toys out all once. i feel like we're always cleaning up!

the #1 think that drives me crazy is when she doesn't tell me she has a dirty diaper or flat out lies about it. why would she want to sit in that? it makes me nuts.

Kelly said...

So funny! Hey, one idea on the broken crayons is to put them in a muffin tin or mold and bake them into a rainbow crayon. My kiddos love to do that and use their rainbow creations and it gives me a good excuse to go buy more pretty crayons :)

Anonymous said...

Beth - your blog is describing me :) I am always struggling to not be so anal with my kids, because I am an organization freak as well. My recent pet peeve is that my girls love puzzles right now, but they are always losing pieces!! I don't understand why we can't just do a puzzle, put it away, get another one out, repeat. I will say, though, that I often think back to the blog you wrote about moms being responsible to set the "temperature" for their homes....and I try really hard not to holler about things like this :) ~Sue O'Connell

Chelsea said...

LOL i only let DS use one color of playdough until last week, when I realised it was drying up anyway so may as well let him mix them.

I think DS has picked up on my organisational habits because he's started to put toys away after he uses them. the other day he got his shape sorter off the shelf, dumped it out and sorted all the shapes, then put it back on the shelf! so funny. (he's 19 months)

What drives me crazy is that he doesnt ever sit down while eating thus crumbs and squished grapes get all over the house and i end up just following behind him pickingup his stuff. eek