Friday, February 5, 2010

Favorite Things Friday - Toddler Toy Edition

Time to share some of my favorite things - toddler style! Here are a couple things that have made life easier, more convenient or just more fun. Enjoy!

V-Tech Sit to Stand Walker
This handy little toy took our boys from cruising along furniture to walking solo in about two weeks. The wheels rolled at just the right pace to keep them from falling (usually!) and the activities on the front provided hours of entertainment. Even after they were seasoned walkers, they still enjoyed pushing the walker around.

LeapFrog Fridge Wash n Go Magnetic Vehicle Set
This one is a must have for little boys! It didn't take long at all for them to figure out how to spin the pieces to get them to lock into place, and it is so fun watching them dance to the songs that the toy sings. It's a 'must pack toy' when we're travelling.

Parents Magazine Ready Set Go Cars
These cars are great even for crawlers. When you pull the car backwards, it will zoom forward across the floor making a really fun 'zzzzz' sound that the boys loved. They quickly figured out how to engage the car themselves and would race them across the floor.

Fisher Price Little People DVDs
Maybe we're alone in this one, but the boys LOVE the Little People DVDs. They are so super cheesy that it's almost ridiculous, but I can't tell you how many times just singing the theme song to them calmed them down from a fit. They episodes are super short too, only about 5 minutes, so the whole DVD is only about 25 minutes - hardly something to feel guilty about! We got our first disc for free with the Little People Barn, another current favorite, and have expanded our collection from there.

Playskool Wheel Pals Triple Stack Tower
Instant hit! Not only does this come with little race cars, but any Playskool car fits on the tracks. Don't stop there though, the boys will 'race' anything within reach, including Hot Wheels, Leap Frog pieces and Little People animals and people. There's also a button that they can push to let all the cars go at once that makes a fun 'zooming' sound and 'honking' sound.

I know that these are especially boy focused (sorry, it's all I know right now!)... what are YOUR kids favorites?


suzannah | the smitten word said...

is Favorite Things Friday a carnival?

dylan's pretty into this wooden/magnetic "paper doll" set from melissa and doug.

and her tutu:)