Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parenting Strategery

If you haven't heard by now, we're joining the ranks of the 'Outnumbered Parents Club.' That's right, #3 is on the way, due mid August!

Though we already have two kids, I am still thinking of this new baby the same way that most think about #2 - that is, we will finally have kids in separate stages of life, requiring different things, sleeping at different times, eating different things and at different times and demanding everything we have to give.

Don't get me wrong, we're so excited for a new baby, but with that comes a slight fear of the newness of a newborn plus the energy of toddlers mixed with the recovery of birth and the 24 hour-ness of nursing. Oh boy!

So let's band together now and start brainstorming. I know that many of you readers have already passed this test of parenthood and have successfully survived the introduction of new babies into your family, but I also know that some of you are in the midst of that craziness right now and others, like me, are about to embark on the insanity within the next several months.

What has gotten you through? How have you survived? How have you made life easier on yourself? What conveniences have you used in your house? What have you ignored doing? What shortcuts have you taken?

Please share what worked, and whether or not it was worth the money (if applicable). If you're like me and haven't yet begun this phase of parenthood, what ideas do you have that you are planning on using?

Let's get this support system going! Please comment to help us ALL out either now or in the (near!) future : )


Kelly said...

Yay! First of all, you will survive this, and not only that, but you will soon move past that to thriving! Here are some things we did in those early days....1) Forgive yourself. In advance :) Know you won't be able to accomplish all you once did right away, your kids may watch more videos than they once did, etc., and that's okay. If it takes awhile to get adjusted. And that's okay :) 2) I froze as many healthy meals as possible before hand. I either used "Make n Take" (I got a gift card for this as it can be kinda expensive. It's one of those make the meals in the store kinda place. It was such a blessing and fun! I bet people would love to get you gift cards for even before the baby comes to prepare!) or meals I made on my own at home. 3) We also bought more disposable plates and napkins during those early days. I totally think its worth the money! And they don't have to be those real thick kind, the cheap plates do the trick! 4) I asked Ben what were the necessities cleaning wise. Doing the dishes and laundry were the only things he HAD to have, and that was a relief. That way when I had the time and energy to tackle the bathroom or dust or vaccuum, I felt like Superwoman :) Those were the main things. I'm sure your readers out there will have fabulous ideas :) xoxo

Becky said...

I agree with Kel. :) Congrats again!!!