Sunday, January 31, 2010

Does GPS Have a 'Motherhood Add-In'?...

... Because some days, quite frankly, I feel lost and could use some help. How nice would it be if there was a little voice that came through loud and clear stating what to feed your kids for optimum nutritional value, what activities you should engage your kids in to give them the best head start in life, what you should teach your kids to guarantee that they'll be at the head of their class in school, and what attitudes to focus on to eliminate those undesirable traits that we see in so many teenagers today. I mean, wouldn't that be amazing?! Our sermon today at church was on the Parable of the Talents and I feel that right now, my boys are my 'talents.' If my life was over tomorrow, I feel that I would have to give an account for how I raised them. They are, after all, the most important things that I've ever been entrusted with and I want God to say 'Well done, good and faithful servant.' Did I talk about Jesus enough? Did I pray with them enough? Did I show them a strong example of how to put your faith in the Lord with every aspect of your life? Did I show them patience and love and compassion and joy and gentleness? Will I ever come to the point where I would say 'yes,' I did all those things enough... or is that the point: To never really feel like you've arrived at enough so you keep pressing on towards more often? Can you ever really share the love of Jesus enough... especially with your kids?! What do you do when you catch yourself in the middle of one of those days that you're demonstrating impatience and frustration and annoyance and harshness instead of the Fruits of the Spirit? How do you get through those moments? We're not alone, even on the worst of days. At the very least, we have other moms who have all been through it... but at the very best, we have Jesus with us. Amen and amen. Tell me, are there 'Motherhood Add-Ins' that you wish came with GPS?! What directions would you ask for if you could?


suzannah | the smitten word said...

parenting is HARD. i am constantly feeling like i made the wrong choice (on stupid things, like packing the wrong stroller), and i know the stakes only get higher as the kids get older.

i'm reading a book on marriage now called love and war, and it talks a bit about spirtual warfare and learning to identify the lies that satan has us believe (you always make the wrong decision! you're never going to change! it's not worth it! etc...), and then basically choosing to fight back with prayer. our battles are not necessarily against ourselves, our spouses, kids, etc...but against satan himself. and we have the risen Christ on our side:)

so i guess i'm working on practicing that.