Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Tree

Advent is a countdown to Christmas. It readies our hearts and keeps us in the right frame of mind for the meaning of Christmas. This year, why don't you make a Thanksgiving Tree with your kids to help them get in the mood of Thanksgiving?

Trace your kids' hands on construction paper and cut out enough to countdown to Thanksgiving. You could even color code each child's handprints with their favorite color. Ask them what they are thankful for everyday leading up to Thanksgiving and write their response on their handprint. Find a prominent place in your home (dining room, entry way, front door) to tape their hand prints every day, forming a tree as the days go on. Make sure that you and dad include what you're thankful for too! This would be great as a dinnertime activity - talk about what happened that day in school, at home or in the world.

When Thanksgiving is over, be sure to collect the handprints and save them to look back on some distant year in the future when your kids come over for Thanksgiving dinner with families of their own and you can all remember what they were thankful for as little boys and girls.


theansellfamily said...

great idea! :) I'm looking forward to your Christmas related blogs. Just curious.. what are you and Charlie doing about "Santa Claus"?? Chris and I can't decide whether we will go the traditional route (let our kids believe in Santa) or do something else. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!