Monday, September 7, 2009

Sponge Ball Square Arms

I don't know about you, but by middle August I am ready for summer to be over. I am tired of sweating at the park, trips to the pool and reruns on TV. Now that it is September the forecast is, of course, in the 80's all week long and I am staring longingly at my sweatshirts on the top shelf of my closet. So if Indian Summer is threatening your hopes for an early fall... here is a simple craft that will keep you and the kiddies cool.

3 new, plain kitchen sponges
1 long piece of string

Use scissors to cut each sponge lengthwise into 5 strips and stack them as shown below.

Loop the piece of string around the center of the stack. Try to get it as close to center as possible as this affects the look of the ball.

Pull the string tightly, double knot and then cut off the excess.

And there you have your sponge ball square arm!

Grab a friend, soak the ball in a bucket of water and have fun throwing it back and forth and getting wet in the process. This also makes a great bath toy as my toddler discovered!

Craft featured in the August 2009 issue of Family Fun magazine.

Trisha is the wife of Luke and mom to Sam (19 months). Sam especially loved this craft and thinking it looks like a "butterfly" has come to call it by that name and takes it everywhere!


Ayaan Gupta said...

I love it!! you have explained it simply that even I think I can make it.