Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Workout Wednesday

The mummy-tummy isn't going anywhere unless you kick it to the curb. Neither are those arms that swing as you teach your baby how to wave. Or those thighs that need their own zip code. The time is now. I'm not claiming to be an expert. Or a fitness trainer. Or even disciplined at exercising myself. But what I am claiming is that if we put the excuses aside and just do it, that the results will show for themselves. I'm sure that most of you aren't living in a rental community with its own swimming pool and fitness center (like me, and I still don't take advantage of it!), so the suggestions I provide on Workout Wednesdays are going to be simple, easy and fun - because why would you do them if they were hard, boring and complicated?! The catch though, is that you have to do them. Not just read them. So get up off that chair, right now before you forget, and do: 50 jumping jacks Pyramid 4** (see below for instructions) 50 more jumping jacks That's it for today. But I want us all to do this every day until next Wednesday when I give a few more suggestions. Did you do it? What are you waiting for?! ** A Pyramid is a combination of pushups and crunches. Start with 1 crunch, roll over and do 1 pushup. Then 2 crunches, 2 pushups. 3 crunches, 3 pushups. 4 crunches, 4 pushups. The reason it's a Pyramid is because then you go back down to 1 of each. From 4 each, do 3 crunches, 3 pushups, 2 crunches, 2 pushups, 1 crunch, 1 pushup. So if I said Pyramid 5 next time, go up to 5 of each and back down to 1.


Kelly said...

Thanks Beth! Wasn't able to get to the gym this morning so this got me up and moving :)