Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My parents are big into landscaping, so as a child, we took a lot of trips to home improvement stores looking for the perfect plants, scrubs, trees and flowers. And as a child, it was boring! My sister and I would occupy ourselves by collecting paint color samples and wallpaper samples and leave the store with guilty grins like we had stolen something. The beauty though, was that they were (and still are!) free!

Home Depot offers a Disney line of paint colors. They come on 2x2" cards and the color is in the shape of Mickey's ears. Here are a couple thoughts:

  • Pick up two of several different colors (2 reds, 2 blues, etc) and play Memory with them - you remember the matching game from when we were kids
  • Pick up two of several different colors and write RED on one, ROJO on the other (ORANGE/NARANJA; YELLOW/AMARILLO; GREEN/VERDE; BLUE/AZUL; PURPLE/VIOLETA; PINK/ROSADO; BROWN/MARRON; BLACK/NEGRO; WHITE/BLANCO) to teach English and Spanish pronunciations and spellings. You could either glue them together (front English/back Spanish) or keep them separate to mix up like flashcards.
  • Pick up two of several colors that match the motif of your child's bedroom (pinks, blues, etc). Cut out the shape of the Mickey ears, glue together and hang on string to create a mobile to hang in their room.

Did any other ideas come to mind? Please share!


theansellfamily said...


These ideas are GREAT! I love it. I will definitely use them down the road!

Janice said...

Oooh, what great ideas! I love that you thought of such great things to do with these free paint samples! Abby loves these when I bring them home and now I have more ways to use them! Awesome:-)

Unknown said...

Home depot is going to wonder why they are running out of mickey mouse paint cards all of a sudden!